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Institution Setting

We have six departments and one office at present, manufacturing department, technology and quality check department, supply and marketing department,financial department,enterprise management department,international department and office 

Manufacturing department
Manufacturing department takes charge of producing products,keeping raw materials and finished products.
Technology and Quality Check Department
Technology and quality check department is responsible for the quality check of raw materials, semi-manufactured products, and finished products ,and takes charge of the research and development of new products.
Supply and marketing department
Supply and marketing department takes charge of purchasing and supplying raw materials, materials of package,maintenance as well as selling the finished products.
Financial department
Financial department is responsible for
1. financial budget、final accounts and forecast
2. preparing financial plan, accounting statements, checking cost budget and control
3. Calculating, formulating and issuing salary of the staff.
4. Fund and assets management, as well as evaluation of contract system of outside offices.
Enterprise management department
Enterprise management department is responsible for formulating and implementing rules and regulations of our company, and assists the training and ideological education of new staff.
Office is responsible for the draft,printing,copying,faxing,supervising and filing of internal materials.They take charge of cars management,maintenance, external reception work.,and guaranteeing logistics work.
International department
International department is responsible for foreign markets and managing branches overseas.

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